Our Members Say It Best!

At STLFC, our members have a voice and input. We are not like those other impersonal and stand-offish places (you know the type of clubs and gyms!).

Making our member experience a positive one every time they come in to workout and visit is our top priority. Our members share with us their opinions, we listen and take action.

Refreshing in today's world. Don't you think?

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Friendly, No Hassles and Convenient

I really enjoy the group classes - the instructors do a great job, and I feel motivated to attend each week.

I've been around and somewhat in the fitness industry for a number of years and this club has a very good atmosphere and a caring competent staff.

"I love it....the employees are friendly....it is close to my home....I can and often do walk...(good cool down)....it is not too big....kinda homey..neighborhood atmosphere...which is what I like!

I love your gym--not too crowded and great machines. Your babysitting services were very helpful to me when my kids were younger.

Excellent staff everyone's friendly and welcoming! Best Gym ever!

I have recommended to friends!

It's a real gym, not a meat market with people standing around chatting. Awesome smoothies!

I love the convenience to my house, and there is a good range of equipment.

Have belonged to this gym for many years, and it has definitely changed over time. Have always liked the size, location, and community atmosphere it offers; overall, this place has always been good and the staff is friendly.

Friendly, non-intimidating, encouraging to older clients

Love the fact that is open 24/7, and there's always someone from the staff there to help, if needed.

I love STLFC and everything about it.

Love group classes at 5:30. Very friendly and not intimidating.

I like that it rarely feels over crowded and I can always get on the machine I want. I like the fitness classes when I am available to go to them. I like the incline treadmills in the last row.

Staff is always courteous and prices are very competitive.

I don't have any complaints. I like the gym a lot.

Enjoy working out at the club. Everyone is very friendly, and the staff is always available to answer any questions I may have.

I love the home-y and comfortable feeling of the place. The staff is extra friendly, which makes me look forward to going each day. I like the size of the gym and the fact that I rarely have to wait to use equipment.

It's great that it's 24 hours. The staff is wonderful and always very helpful.

I love it. Honestly, I have belonged to a few different clubs and this is the best. I love that there is actually space to do stretching and ab work.

I have NEVER felt crowded in the gym and that is the absolute best thing about the club.

Great Staff, Trainers and Owner

The staff is friendly, I love getting a hello when I come in and a "Have a nice day" when I leave. Its personal and I feel like I actually
joined a place that I can continue to enjoy.

I love the group training. Everyone is super friendly. I think each week I notice more and more people joining so I am hoping it doesn't get too crowded (both at lunch and after work). Overall, I have had a great experience at the gym.

It is great. Staff members know me by name. I can always use the equipment I want without waiting.

Love it!

The club is very nice and convenient for me.

I think its a great club that fits all of my needs. The staff is always kind and attentive. I have really enjoyed using this facility.

I appreciate the cleanliness of the facility and friendliness of the staff.

It is very convenient and all the equipment is great. I've joined another gym closer to home, but keep coming several times a week because the staff is so friendly.

I love the classes the gym offers. It is much easier to work out with others then on my own.

Other gyms should strive to have the appearance, staff, wealth of knowledge and most importantly, personable atmosphere and friendliness that you all provide here.

I really enjoy this gym. I work in the area so I come after work, it is really convenient. I used to go to another club and hated having to go home, change clothes, and go back out to the gym. I'm glad I switched .
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