Meet Your Professional Training Team!

Sabrina Kinsey
Sabrina Kinsey has been taking and instructing classes for over ten years and has been involved in one-on-one personal training for over 5 years. She believes working out not only improves overall general health, flexibility, strength and endurance, but also provides one with a sense of peace and personal improvement that contributes to longevity.

Sabrina's motto is “Can’t does not exist, therefore anything is possible!” She is an AFAA certified personal trainer, and instructor in Primary Group, Strength & Flexibility, Core Endurance and Aquatic Fitness. She also holds a Rhythmic and Aerobic Dance Certification through North Central Community College. Sabrina can be reached at sabrina@stlfitnessclub.com.
Matt Tinker
Matt loves being in the gym surrounded by goal driven people. He has found joy in helping others achieve their goals. STLFC has played a key role in his success and he enjoys being here so much that he and his wife got engaged in the parking lot and took wedding photos on the weight floor! Matt feels that he often gets more out of training his clients than they do.  

Matt is a big time Martial Arts freak and will incorporate it into his workout regimen any way he can, but he is a believer in individualized programs for athletics, weight loss, muscle building, and general health & wellness. So ultimately he will make your workout routine perfect for your goals!  

Matt can be reached at matt@stlfitnessclub.com 
Ryan Hune
Ryan Hune has been a personal trainer for 3 years and is certified through the National Association of Sports Medicine. According to Ryan, it has been a journey full of learning and adapting. You could call him a sponge, as he enjoys taking in new techniques and combining them with his own.

Ryan can often be found around the gym trying out new movements. So if you see him bouncing off the walls, he’s probably testing out some new techniques. Feel free to stop by and say “hi,” if he doesn’t spot you first! Ryan can be reached at ryan@stlfitnessclub.com
Kevin Adams
Kevin hold a bachelors from Culver/Stockton College where he gained a formal education in athletic training. 

He has always been an avid biker, but really learned about the gym and the health benefits of a more active lifestyle. After receiving his masters in history from the Savannah College of Art and Design and working in museums for several years, Kevin began studying for his certification in personal training. 

Kevin has always maintained a healthy lifestyle and for the last 5 years has worked in the fitness industry helping others to do the same. He is A.C.E certified in personal training, Red Cross certified in First Aid, C.P.R and A.E.D. as well as having taken Silver Sneakers training.

Contact Kevin the club or email him at Kevin@stlfitnessclub.com
Kim Brown
Kim 'from the Gym" Brown is a mother, fitness enthusiast, and sometimes figure competitor.

Kim was an artsy kid and did not discover the benefits of good nutrition and exercise until she was an adult. It is now her mission to extend those benefits to as many people as she can!

Eating well and moving your body everyday is the ultimate anti-depressant, anti-anxiety, destresser, and all around outlet. She wants to help her clients feel confident about who they are as well as how they look.

Stop in and meet Kim or send her an email kimfromthegymmason@gmail.com
Adam Coffey
Adam has always had a passion for fitness!  

He enjoys helping and teaching others the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle. After playing college basketball he became interested in the human body, especially personal training and nutrition, and began his career in 2005.  

Adam holds certifications in Personal Training and Nutrition through ISSA, Group Training and Nutrition through AFAA, Crossfit Level 1, TRX and BFS.  

Every day, Adam strives to grow into the best trainer/coach/person that he can be. He wants to impact their lives in a positive way, through fitness. Adam believes that fitness is a lifestyle, not a hobby, and he hopes to be the trainer, coach and person to get you to that lifestyle!

Stop by and meet Adam or Adam can be reached at adcoffey777@hotmail.com  
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